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Geometric and Proteomics Tools Genomic and Proteomic Tools

Gene Synthesis Gene Synthesis

Bionexus has developed gene synthesis protocols that allow rapid turnaround times from optimizing the codon to confirming the sequence of the synthetic gene at a very competitive price.

Modified Probes Modified Probes - siRNA Synthesis

Bionexus Oligo synthesis services provides the widest variety of custom oligonucleotide synthesis of modified, labeled, fluorogeneic 5' nuclease probes and phosphorothioate oligonucleotides.

Peptide Synthesis Peptide Synthesis

Bionexus Peptide Synthesis division experienced in the synthesis of quality peptides with various modifications from small scale to large scale peptide(mgs - kgs).

Quantitative PCR - Taqman Services Quantitative PCR - Taqman Services

Bionexus TaqMan® services Quantative PCR(QPCR) is a fast, reliable and accurate resulting of quantitatively measuring the distribution and expression of target DNA or RNA.Our Quantative PCR (TaqMan®) Services aims to provide expertise and custom services in the quantitative analysis of infectious agents, gene expression and the detection of genetic diseases.

DNA Sequencing DNA Sequencing

Bionexus DNA Sequencing services results are amongst the longest, allowing you to finish your project faster with fewer custom primers.

Antibodies Production Antibody Production

Bionexus Antibody production division along with wide range of Antibody Reagents are optimized for researchers specific application.

About Bionexus About

Bionexus offers a comprehensive line of high quality biomedical products and services for the scientific community worldwide. Our dynamic e-commerce site is your one-stop technical and customer oriented solution for your research needs in the areas of genomics, proteomics, molecular biology, immunology, protein expression, biochemistry, cell biology and anti-sense development.

News And AnnouncementsNews & Announcements

Affymetrix has selected Bionexus's Hi-Lo DNA marker as a preferred marker for their GeneChip Mapping 100k Assay System.

Biology Instruments Division: Applied Biosystems recommends Bionexus's MicroMixer E36 in its BigDye® XTerminator™ Purification Kit protocol.

The following products: DNA Ladder, PCR Reagents, DNA Marker,Protein marker, Precast Gel, Buffer, Mini incubators, Microincubator Shakers,Thermostable Enzymes, and the following services: Gene Synthesis , Oligo Synthesis, Peptide Synthesis, Antibody, Custom Mutagenesis, RNA Products, Custom Immunology Services, Probes, Molecular Biology Services, gene Expression, DNA Sequencing Services, Oligo`s, Taqman Services , Quantitative PCR, Modified Probes, are sold or processed under licensing arrangements with their respected manufacturers and/or providers (Taqman is a federally registered mark of Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.).


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