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    cDNA Library Construction (For more information email us)

    Bionexus offer the following custom cDNA library construction services from nanogram quantities of mRNA (i.e. laser capture micro dissected samples). In general, PCR based procedures are avoided to prevent PCR related anomalies. Libraries are prepared in the vector of the customer’s choice with over 90-95% 

    recombination efficiency.

    Regular cDNA Library

    • Starting with small quantities of mRNA (few nanograms!) 
    • Uni-directional or Non-directional 
    • >107 primary clones 
    • Average insert size >2.0 kb 
    • Turnaround time 2-4 weeks

    Subtracted cDNA Library
    High quality subtracted cDNA libraries for the identification of differentially expressed genes.

    • No PCR based subtraction (PCR amplification and restriction enzyme digestion techniques result 
      into non-specific amplifications and smaller inserts)
    • Q.C. by virtual northern blot analysis, library screening and PCR 
    • >2x106 primary clones 
    • Average insert size ~1.8kb
    • Turnaround time 4-6 weeks

    Normalized cDNA Library
    The normalization process removes the redundant and multiple copied genes, such as ribosomal and other house-keeping genes. This results in the equal representation of low and high copy genes in the library.

    • Both regular and normalized libraries (N0, N1, N2…) are provided 
    • Q.C. by virtual northern blot analysis, library screening, PCR and sequencing 
    • >106 primary clones 
    • < 90-95% recombinants 
    • Turnaround time 6-8 weeks

    Full-length cDNA Library 
    The full length cDNA libraries are constructed by selectively capturing full-length mRNA followed by synthesis of first and second strands.

    • 1x107 primary clones 
    • >90-95% recombinants
    • >60-70% full-length genes 
    • Q.C. by sequencing 
    • Turnaround time 6-8 weeks

    Clones from all the libraries can be arrayed on nylon membranes.

    All communications for this Service will be held in the strictest confidence.

    Contact Bionexus for a price quotation and more information today.