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Phage Display Antibody Library
    Phage Display Antibody Library
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      Phage Display Antibody Library

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    Custom Phage Display Antibody Library(For more information email us)

    Phage display is a widely used laboratory technique that uses bacteriophages to associate proteins with their respective genetic information for studying protein-protein, protein-peptide, and protein-DNA interactions. In this technique, gene segments encoding the antibodies are fused to genes encoding the coat protein of a phage, causing the phage to "display" the protein on its outside.

    One of the most valuable advantages of phage display is the enormous diversity of variant antibody genes. Millions or even billions of recombinant phages (the most common bacteriophages are M13, T4, and T7 phage), each displaying a different antigen-binding domain on its surface, are known as a phage display library. Compared with the traditional hybridoma method, phage display library has enormous advantages in discovering novel antibodies for therapeutic and diagnosticapplications or researches.



    Bionexus offers construction of mouse, human, rabbit, chicken and llamas scFv and Fab libraries in a phagemid vector. Either vL or vH are cloned separately or vL and vH are cloned together, separated by a linker region.  The libraries are good for screening and production of monoclonal antibodies.

    + scFv Light Chain (vL) antibody library in a phagemid vector+ scFv Heavy Chain (vH) antibody library in a phagemid vector+ Construction of recombinant vL and vH chimeric antibodies in a phagemid vector+ Construction of Fab antibody library+ Construction of (Fab) 2 antibody library+ Construction of a  library of nanobodies+ Construction of a bi-specific antibody library (with both domains, recognizing  different targets)+ Construction of a bi-specific ligand-antibody conjugate (one domain acts like a antibody while other domain acts like a ligand)+ Construction of camelid and IgNAR antibody libraries


    Expression strategies:

                Secreted expression in periplasm of E. coli.

                Soluble expression in cytoplasm of E. coli.

                Insoluble expressed as inclusion bodies

                Secreted expression in 293 and CHO cells.



    Purification strategies:

                Affinity tag: 6xHis tag.

                Molecular format: insertion of SUMO between His6 tag and protein of interest (POI).

                Purification: IMAC (Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography).

                Tag removal after purification: cleavage at the C terminus of SUMO with SUMO protease.


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