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MicroArray Analysis
    MicroArray Analysis
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      MicroArray Analysis

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    MicroArray Analysis(For more information email us)

    Bionexus Microarray Analysis services enable the investigation of the differential expression of thousands of genes in a cell or tissue by microarray hybridization. With the availability of Whole Genome Chips from companies such as Affymetrix, it is possible to analyze expression pattern of all the genes in control vs. experimental samples. In order to analyze high density chips, our laboratory is equipped with latest upgraded scanners.

    Starting from tissue/cells, we perform RNA isolation, probe synthesis, hybridization, scanning, and data analysis. We have a fully automated platform for hybridization, washing and scanning of microarrays.

    We use the latest version of MAS (MicroArray Suit) software for the analysis of the data. We perform absolute as well as comparison expression analyses using the baseline as the control. Other data mining tools (softwares) are utilized for differential expression profiling, gene annotation, fold changes and cluster analysis. Both raw and analyzed data are provided in easy to access format in Microsoft Excel on a CD.

    Analyses will include:

    • Differential expression of genes as compared to baseline or controls
    • Up and down regulated genes
    • Fold changes (>2.0 fold)
    • Cluster analysis (pattern of genes)
    • Functional information (Ontology)
    • Histograms for ease of presentation
    • Scatter plot
    • Comparison table

    All communications for this Service will be held in the strictest confidence.

    Contact Bionexus for a price quotation and more information today.