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Custom Mutagenesis Services
    Custom Mutagenesis Services

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    Custom Mutagenesis Services

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    Inquire for Pricing:Custom Mutagenesis Services


    Method: Mutagenesis methodologies labor intensive and technically difficult to perform. In vitro site-directed mutagenesis is an important methodology used to study protein structure-function relationships, identify intramolecular regions or amino acids that may mediate these functions, analyze gene expression and modify vectors. Bionexus experienced team is able to finish any mutagenesis project at very fast turnaround time and at a very affordable price.

    Using PCR site-directed method in conjunction with our proprietary protocols. The mutated region of the sequence is double strand sequenced. Sequence the mutated region by automated fluorescent sequencing.

    Starting Material:
    A 20 ug of plasmid DNA submitted by the customer and a hard copy of the restriction map and the sequence with the indication of the bases that need to be changed.

    A 20 ug of purified plasmid DNA with the correct changes and a complete report of strategies and data.

    Turnaround time:
    Each mutant will take 1-2 weeks, including both strands sequence verification. Please contact us for a discounted price, if you have more than one mutants to be made.

    Ordering :

    • Make sure that the correct changes are indicated on the sequence printout of the construct. Email modified sequence and original sequence.
      Enclose 20 ug plasmid DNA, vector map and a diskette in a shipping envelope.

      All communications for the Gene synthesis Services will be held in the strictest confidence.

      Contact Bionexus for a price quotation today.