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DNA Isolation
    DNA Isolation

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    DNA Isolation

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    DNA Isolation
    Bionexus offers the following custom DNA isolation services. All the DNA samples prepared by Bionexus are checked by the agarose gel electrophoresis and/or restriction enzyme analysis.

    Transfection Grade Plasmid DNA Isolation

    • Small and large scale isolation (micrograms to gram quantities) 
    • Purification by cesium chloride gradient or ion-exchange chromatography
    • High throughput DNA isolation in 96-well formats
    • Ready for sequencing or PCR 
    • Endotoxin level provided (if required)

    Viral DNA Isolation

    • From infected E. coli or insect cells
    • Purification over sucrose density gradient by ultra-centrifugation
    • Extensively dialyzed in TE buffer
    • Q.C. on low percentage agarose gel and restriction enzyme digestion

    Genomic DNA Isolation

    • Unsheared high molecular weight (>200 mega bases)
    • Isolation from variety of tissues (mammalian, plant, bacteria, yeast and other challenging tissues rich in endogenous nucleases and phenolic compounds)
    • Highly suitable for PCR, Southern Blot analysis, RAPD analysis, polymorphism studies and library construction

    All communications for this Service will be held in the strictest confidence.

    *Above prices are for high copy plasmids only. The DNA preparation will contain 80-90% supercoiled monomeric DNA.
    Contact Bionexus for a price quotation and more information today.