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Immunized Phage Display Antibody Library
    Immunized Phage Display Antibody Library
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      Immunized Phage Display Antibody Library

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    Custom Immunized Phage Display Antibody Library(For more information email us)


    Custom immunized phage display antibody libraries by Bionexus are prepared by combining the immunological and the phage display techniques together. With this, the animal is immunized with the antigen of interest. After testing the immunogenic response by ELISA and or western blotting,  PMBC or the spleen is isolated and the cDNA corresponding to vL and vHgenes are amplified using a set of specific primers and cloned into a phagemid vector.  The inserted cDNA is modified to facilitate the expression and purification of antibodies from bacterial or human cell lines.  The libraries prepared in this way are of moderate size and populated with the clones expressing high affinity antibodies on the surface of the phages which could be quickly screened. The sequence of the antibodies isolated by this method can be easily modified, humanized or chimerized.  The appropriate clone can be used for large scale production.

    We prepare Custom immunized phage display antibody libraries for the following animals:






                Shark IgNAR V

    Mice and rabbits are a great source of antibodies; there are out-bred animals mounting very strong immune responses to most of the antigens. Rabbit elicits a significant response to small haptens in particular and constitute a good alternative to mice when monoclonal antibodies are needed.  Antibodies rose in llama and Shark are further smaller in size (nanobody).  For shark we use, IgNAR V scaffold sequence to construct the antibody library.

    We immunize mice, rats, rabbits, chicken or llamas with the antigen of interest and the blood or spleen of the best responder is harvested and used to amplify the immunoglobulin specific cDNA to construct the library. We also provide you with the bleeds to do your own testing.



                Different antibody format and display type

                scFv and Fab libraries with specific format and tags

                1 x 109 in-frame antibody clones

                Quick turn around time

                Competitive pricing


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