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CO2 Bio incubator Shaker for Mammalian cells(CO2-BR-43FL-MR)
    CO2 Bio incubator Shaker for Mammalian cells(CO2-BR-43FL-MR)

    CO2 Bio incubator Shaker for Mammalian cells(CO2-BR-43FL-MR)

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    Inquire for Pricing:CO2 Bio incubator Shaker for Mammalian cells(CO2-BR-43FL-MR)

    Customized Bioshaker CO2-BR-43FL-MR

    Incubator shaker for Mammalian cells. Gas forced aeration results in increase efficiency of incubation and cell survivability. Customizable to fit with mnay different container and incubation scale.

    CO2-BR-43LF-MR + multi gas controller
    (Image of using Erlenmeyer flask)


    Incubating floating or suspended cells (like CHO cells)
    Efficient antibody production
    Transfection or incubation of HEK 293 cells
    Incubation of microaerophilic or anaerobiotic organisms


    Original gas branching tube can distribute gas only into each container
    Carbon dioxide gas from the bottle is mixed with air at gas controller to be desired concentration. Mixed gas is then branched via inside gas branch unit into each container. Branch unit can distribute small and equal amount of gas into each container by its original construction.
    Variation of gas supply
    Combination with CO2 controller for the case of carbon dioxide only and multi gas controller for supplying carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and oxygen. Supplying nitrogen gas only (there is a machine without bottle which condenses nitrogen from the air) or aseptic air supply for expression of baculovirus in insect cells are possible.
    Establishing the system according to the scale is possible
    System example for one well plate (customized).
    CO2-M·BR-024 + CO2 controller

    Incubator itself has a variety of sizes from micro size to large size and you can pick up the one to fit your scale (Some are customized). Type of container and its number can be selected according to the scale of the machine (For container, please see the right column).
    Inside the container can be maintained closed aseptic system
    Inside the container can be kept clean because gas is provided through filters on important points. Container can be maintained aseptic even after removing gas providing hose because filter is on container side. It also enables easier come and go with clean bench.
    Well, Erlenmeyer flask and culture bag can be chosen as container.
    You can select the container according to your purpose; for example, screening or still incubation using cell culture sheet or Petri dishes, suspended shaker incubation using Erlenmeyer’s flask (125ml – 3L, except 2L), mass incubation using cell culture bag (5 – 20L option). It will be custom made for some size and number though, please feel free to ask us.


    Temperature Range+4 ºC - +50ºC
    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.3 ºC - 1.0 ºC
    Shaking MethodSwitch rotating / reciprocal
    Shaking Speed20 - 200rpm
    Amplitude25mm (fixed)
    Gas BranchingStandard 6 branches
    (Up to 12 branches is available on customize)
    Surroundings temperature+5 ºC - +35ºC
    Door StyleDual swing door opens both from right and left
    Dimensions600 x 732 x 643Hmm
    Power SupplyAC100V 12A
    Standard AccessoryAir filter and gas providing hose 1set, Spring net shaking rack x 1
    (*) Clamp / stick sheet, flask cap, culture bag kit, syringe filter, culture bag-cell, gas controller and regulator are sold separately.
    ●This product is build-to-order manufacturing.


    Clamp | CF-0250
    Parts to fix Erlenmeyer flask by installing it on Universal shaking rack and angle rack
    ■Application Container:250ml Erlenmeyer flask ■:
    Clamp | CF-0500
    Parts to fix Erlenmeyer flask by installing it on Universal shaking rack and angle rack
    ■Application Container:500ml Erlenmeyer flask ■Sta ...
    Clamp | CF-1000
    Parts to fix Erlenmeyer flask by installing it on Universal shaking rack and angle rack
    ■Application Container:1L Erlenmeyer flask ■Standa ...
    Stick sheet | ST-2925
    Sticky sheet attached to sticky sheet shaking platform
    ■Dimensions:290 x 250mm ■:
    Flask cap | Flask Cap B
    Cap with connector for 125/250ml Corning disposal Erlenmeyer's flask
    ■: ■:
    Flask cap | Flask cap C
    Cap with connector for 250ml-1L Corning disposal Erlenmeyer's flask
    ■: ■:
    Flask cap | Flask cap D
    Cap with connector for gas provide for 3LCorning disposal Erlenmeyer's flask
    ■: ■:
    Regulator | Regulator (Φ 6mm Push to Connect Fittings)
    The secondary pressure supply gauge is approx. 0.3MPa.
    ■: ■:
    Syringe filter E225 | Syringe filter E255
    Consumable of flask cap
    ■: ■:
    System Rack | System Stand F-Type
    Rack to gather up N2 GENESIS 200 and gas controller.
    ■Dimensions:320 x 330 x 730Hmm ■Standard Accessory ...
    Universal shaking platform | MT-4030
    It is suitable shaking rack to shake Erlenmeyer flask and centrifuge tube stably.
    ■Dimensions:400 x 300 x 23Hmm ■Weight:Approx.1.4Kg
    Shade plate for BR | SB-5338
    Shade plate for medium size Bioshakers. Easy to attach with magnet, surface can be used as a whiteboard.
    ■Applicable Model:BR-41/42/43/53 series (*) ■Dimen ...