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Constant Temperature Water Bath Unit (SDN-B)
    Constant Temperature Water Bath Unit (SDN-B)

    Constant Temperature Water Bath Unit (SDN-B)

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    Inquire for Pricing:Constant Temperature Water Bath Unit (SDN-B)

    Thermominder SDN-B

    Water bath capable for Low water level with 45mm micro tubes and  other small test tube. Optimum for examination.Stirring mehod (Jet flow)

    Image of using thermal insulation tray B (attached)


    Various incubation such as enzyme reaction
    Inactivation of serum and thermal insulation of culture medium


    Low water level (45mm) enables safety thermal insulation of container
    Using at low temperature level is optimum for small container such as micro tube. There is no risk of turning over test tube which has low level of content since tube is not floating.

    Safe working even at low water level

    Temperature setting using Up-Down key.
    Up-Down key can set temperature in unit of 0.1ºC. Setting temperature and actual temperature are digital display.
    SDN-B can memorize three temperature settings.
    SDN-B can memorize three temperature settings.
    Becomes moist chamber using heat-proof plastic hood
    With optional heat-proof plastic hood RF-SDM, take advantage of addressing low water level by speeding up temperature rise by 10 min and preventing evaporation. Furthermore it can be used as moist chamber which is useful for in situ hybridization.
    Machine body and wetted surface material is stainless steel
    This machine is durable and easy to maintain hygienically because machine body (except float switch) and wetted surface of attached thermal insulation tray B is made of stainless steel.
    Two types of different temperature regulation accuracy and with or without timer
    There are two models; standard model of SDN-B and EXN-B with higher accurate temperature regulation by one digit and has ON-OFF timer. They are specialized thermo minder for attached thermal insulation tray B and shaking water bath personal .


    Temperature RangeRT+5ºC - +70 ºC
    Temperature setting-20℃ - +100℃ (*1)
    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.1℃ - 0.3 ºC
    Minimum temperature setting unit0.1ºC (setting and display)
    FlowJet blast
    Temperature DisplayDigital display
    Setting temperature (top panel) and inside chamber temperature (side panel)
    Memorythree memory
    WeightApprox. 3kg (when using thermal insulation tray B: Approx. 6kg)
    Safety device / functionCircuit protector (15A), fuse (2A), float type prohibition of boiling while empty
    Misalignment high and low temperature error , lowing water, sensor error, auto tuning error, non-volatile storage error
    Dimensions280 x 109 x 215Hmm
    (when using thermal insulation tray B: 280 x 475 x 240Hmm)
    Power SupplyAC100V 8.5A
    Standard AccessoryThermal insulation bath B-type ×1 (*2)
    (*1) Cooling machine such as "Cool pipe" is required for set below environmental temperature. Antifreezing solution is required for set below +7℃.
    (*2) This production is specialized for Thermal insulation bath B-type (inner Dimensions 235 x 430 x 140Hmm). Other water bath cannot be used.



    Heat-resistant plastic hood | PF-B
    Preventing evaporation.
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    Thermal insulation bath type-B | Thermal insulation bath B-type
    Same model with one attached to thermominder SDN/EXN-B.
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