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Cool Thermo Unit, Mini
    Cool Thermo Unit, Mini
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      Cool Thermo Unit, Mini

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    Cool thermo unit CTU-Mini

    Compact model saves space on your bench space. Rapid and accurate programmable temperature control with many exchangeable blocks(tube holders).

    Aluminum block is option.


    Various enzyme reaction and heat denaturation DNA/RNA
    Ligation of DNA
    Incubation during ELISA


    Two types with different temperature range, Cooling type adopts Peltier system
    Bothe DTU-Mini which operates at room temperature +3ºC, and CTU-Mini which operates from low temperature by cooling with environmental friendly and energy saving Peltier device and heating system. Both have unique and improved temperature transition velocity.
    Simple operation, compact setting area
    Operation panel
    Frequently used temperature can be called since memory setting is available. Setting area is 40% of that of our conventional product. That means it only requires area equal to B6 size book.
    Meet to various containers with exchanging block
    We have a several half blocks (option) to meet with various containers. It is possible to use one micro plate on half block for micro plate.
    Mini size of one half size block
    It is aluminum block bath suit for personal, using with one Half size block which hold 20 of 1.5ml micro tube.


    Temperature Range0ºC - +105 ºC
    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.1ºC - +0.2 ºC
    Temperature transition time
    (environmental temperature: +25 ºC)
    37ºC --> 70ºC/ about 10min (when using B-1120A)
    37ºC --> 4ºC/ about 20min (when using B-1120A)
    Minimum temperature setting unit0.1ºC
    Temperature settingUp and down setting, memory setting is available (1 memory)
    Temperature DisplayDigital display (setting temperature and current temperature)
    Heating-Cooling SystemHeating and cooling by Peltier device
    Safety device / functionFuse, sensor error, nonvolatile memory error, protection of sample (high/low temperature), auto tuning error, alarm setting error
    Dimensions128 x 215 x 190Hmm
    WeightApprox. 1.6kg (exclude block)
    Power SupplyAC100 - 125V 1.5A
    Standard AccessoryHook handle for taking block out
    ●With open cover and environment over +30ºC, sometimes specifications doesn’t meet.



    Half block for Microtube | B-0648
    Aluminum block for DTU/CTU-Mini/Neo (micro tube 0.2ml x 48)
    ■Applicable Container / Number:micro tube 0.2ml x ...
    Half block for Microtube | B-0835
    Aluminum block for DTU/CTU-Mini/Neo (micro tube 0.5ml x 35)
    ■Applicable Container / Number:micro tube 0.5ml x ...
    Half block for Microtube | B-1515
    Aluminum block for DTU/CTU-Mini/Neo (micro tube 5.0ml×6pcs + 1.5ml×8pcs)
    ■Vessels / Capacity:5.0ml tube ×6pcs + 1.5ml micro ...
    Half block for Microtube | B-1120A
    Aluminum block for DTU/CTU-Mini/Neo (micro tube 1.5ml x 20)
    ■Applicable Container / Number:micro tube 1.5ml x ...
    Half block for Microtube | B-1120B
    Aluminum block for DTU/CTU-Mini/Neo (micro tube 2.0ml x 20)
    ■Applicable Container / Number:micro tube 2.0ml x ...
    Half block for micro vial | B-1220
    Aluminum block for DTU/CTU-Mini/Neo (micro vial 1.5ml x 20)
    ■Applicable Container / Number:micro vial 1.5ml x ...
    Half block for disposable centrifuge tube | B-1612L
    Aluminum block for DTU/CTU-Mini/Neo (disposable centrifuge tube 15ml x 12)
    ■Applicable Container / Number:disposable centrifu ...
    Half block for test tube | B-1712L
    Aluminum block for DTU/CTU-Mini/Neo (test tube φ16.5mm x 12)
    ■Applicable Container / Number:test tube φ16.5mm x ...
    Half block for Microplate (for Mini) | B-0001
    Aluminum block for DTU/CTU-Mini (micro plate (Flat plate) x 1)
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