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Invitro Shaker-RotaryShaking 50-500rpm(MIX-VR2)
    Invitro Shaker-RotaryShaking 50-500rpm(MIX-VR2)
    Purchase Invitro Shaker-RotaryShaking 50-500rpm(MIX-VR2)
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      Invitro Shaker-RotaryShaking 50-500rpm(MIX-VR2)

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    Invitro shaker Mix-VR2

    Compact shaker with many accessory options. Optimum for dissolving hardly soluble materials, amplitude suit for 6 - 24 well.

    Image of optional shaking rack
    Invitro shaker distinguished by color of the panel Red means "Micro vigorous shake"


    6 to 24-hole plates or Thick test tubes etc.
    Mixing dissolving reagents and preparation of highly viscous media


    Two optional features sold separately.
    ① : Digital setting timer operation function
    A  timer is equipped with 3 kind of mode.
    ・Shaking stops after the set time .(ON – OFF)
    ・Shaking starts after the set time .(OFF – ON)
    ・ Repeated on and off. Prevent sample precipitation, etc.(ON – OFF – END)
    ② : Add Signal terminal
    Can be connected to Speed recorder etc.
    Optimum for dissolving hardly soluble materials, amplitude suit for 6 – 24 well
    Mix-VR equip with 500rpm rotary shake and amplitude suit for 6 – 24well micro plates, centrifuge tubes and test tubes (when place vertical right, larger than ∅20mm).
    50ml Mixing of 50ml disposal centrifuge tubes by Mix-VR.
    Shaking rack: ML-2030 +ML-0050
    Shaking speed: 500rpm

    Mixing of disposal centrifuge tubes by Mix-VR.
    Shaking rack: ER-2030 +custom made rack
    Shaking speed: 500rpm

    Securely available inside constant temperature chamber or refrigerator
    It is designed to stable operation at environment of 0ºC to +50 ºC.
    Various shaking rack and display is option
    If you don’t need these options, we provide it with reasonable price.


    Shaking MethodRotary
    Shaking Speed50 to 500rpm (*)
    Platform size300 x 200mm
    Surroundings temperature0ºC to 50 ºC
    Shaking speed displayDigital, up-down setting
    Loading LimitApprox. 2kg (not include Shaking rack and holder)
    Dimensions300 x 235 x 149Hmm
    WeightApprox. 12.2kg
    Power SupplyAC100 to 240V 0.5A
    (*) When using sticky sheet (option), please shake below 100rpm.
    ●Shaking rack and container holder are option.



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