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MicroTube Rack EM-0524 (24X0.5ml)
    MicroTube Rack EM-0524 (24X0.5ml)
    Purchase MicroTube Rack EM-0524 (24X0.5ml)
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      MicroTube Rack EM-0524 (24X0.5ml)

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    Microtube Rack EM-0524

    Alminum microtube rack for 24 pcs of 0.5ml microtube


    It is the rack to shake microtube and placed on platform.
    It is convenient to use as holder and the whole rack can be cooled in the iced water.


    Applicable Container / Number24 tubes (0.5ml)
    Dimensions126 x 86 x 28.5Hmm
    (*)Dummy deepwell is necessary in case of 1 unit installation to Mix-EVR.
    ●Eppendorf type match for 0.5ml and 1.5ml micro tube.