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MT-6040E Universal shaking rack platform
    MT-6040E Universal shaking rack platform

    SKU: MT-6040E
    MT-6040E Universal shaking rack platform

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    Inquire for Pricing:MT-6040E Universal shaking rack platform


    Universal shaking platform 

    Shaking rack for optional clamp and angle rack.


    Shaking rack with optional clamp and angle rack (Available clamps for Erlenmeyer flask and for other type of Shaking flask).
    This accesory holds the containers tighter than spring net accssory.


    Dimensions600 x 400 x 42Hmm
    Weightapprox. 4Kg
    Applicable Container / Number50ml Erlenmeyer flask x 70
    100ml Erlenmeyer flask x 35
    200ml Erlenmeyer flask x 28
    250ml Erlenmeyer flask x 21
    300ml Erlenmeyer flask x 21
    500ml Erlenmeyer flask x 15
    1L Erlenmeyer flask x 9
    2L Erlenmeyer flask x 6
    3L Erlenmeyer flask x 4
    5L Erlenmeyer flask x 3
    500ml Shaking flask x 15
    1L Shaking flask x 9
    2L Shaking flask x 6
    3L Shaking flask x 4
    (*) When using it with double shaker, more than 2L Erlenmeyer flask and more than 1L shaking flask can be used only lower step.
    ●We also have old version MT-6040A (Type before platform become drawer style).
    ●When using it with double shaker, install container (sample) as that upper step become lighter than lower step.
    ●Clamp is option.