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    Inquire for Pricing:OD-Monitor-Turbidostat-A&S

    Non-contact turbidimeter for Shaking culture

    OD-Monitor OD-Monitor A&S

    Non-contact turbidimeter for Shaking culture Measuring OD wihtout touching contacting the flasks while cultivating.


    Cell density observation of bacterial in culturing
    Cell density observation of pathogenic bacteria
    Cell observation of bacillus in culturing under anaerobic conditions which gas concentration is important
    Cell density observation of bacteria with slow multiplication rate
    Cell density observation of floating mammals cell (scheduled)


    Saving of the turbidity measurement in culture with reasonable price
    It automatically and untouched measure turbidity of rotating culture, such as coliform bacillus, in 100/200/300/500ml glass Erlenmeyer flask (volume is 1/5 amount ±10%, no Sakaguchi and no baffle).
    Used with the shaker (rotating type)
    It is used with incubator shaker BR series or double shaker NR series.
    (The shaker of the other companies cannot be used) .
    Install the measurement unit to rack only.

    Image of conbination with BR-43FL

    Image of conbination with BR-180LF

    Image of conbination with NR-3
    Eight channels in maximum, The measurement value is converted to OD600 of the spectrophotometer.
    It measure 8ch in maximum at the same time.
    The measurement value is converted into 600 nm of the spectrophotometer (our BPM-10Bio).
    It is possible to correct gap from the spectrophotometer.
    It alarms you when reached set OD by buzzer.
    The control unit displays the present value and target value.
    When exceeding target value, it is possible to alarm by buzzer.
    Data is saved to USB memory.
    Data is saved by text format to the flash memory of USB2.0 (some is not used).
    The edit with spreadsheet is possible.


    ModelOD-Monitor A&S
    Component UnitControl unit :ODBox-A
    Measurement unit :ODSensor-S
    Temperature range of measurement+15ºC - +50ºC(Be careful of setting temperature of bio shaker.)
    Applied Erlenmeyer flask and volume100/200/300/500ml flask made transparent glasses (no colored and no baffle), 1/5 volume±10% (*)
    Shaking MethodRotating (It should shake on either of following conditions.)
    Shaking speed and shaking amplitude80 - 400rpm (Amplitude25mm)
    80 - 200rpm (Amplitude30/40mm)
    80 - 250rpm (Amplitude50mm) (*)
    * A set unit of shaking speed is 10rpm.
    (*) Set with ODBox-A at the beginning of measurement OD-Monitor is can be used only with TAITEC's incubator shaker BR series or double (rotary) shaker NR series (both are producing ). Be sure to check shaking amplitude when you measure and ground of ODBox-A and shaker for reducing electric noise.

    Details of Set Products

    Display of (OD) valueDisplay of converted values from transmitted light volume of infrared ray (950nm) to OD600 of E.coli bacteria
    Measurement Range0.1 - 2.0(accuracy guarantee range 0.5 - 1.5)
    Correction for biological species other than E. coli bacteria and gap from spectrophotometerEnter correction factors (0.01 - 2.55、initial value is 1.00)
    Correction allowance / Correction rangeWithin 15% (OD = 0.5 - 1.5)
    Maximum Measurement TimeInternal memory : 360 points (*1)
    USB memory : Up to USB memory
    Maximum Connectable ODSensor-S8sets(2ch x 4), Measurement under all same conditions
    Interface for print outputRS-232C (*2)
    Interface for external storage mediumPort for USB2.0 flash memory (*3)
    Other FunctionsAlarm function (alarm by buzzer at reached target OD) (*4)
    Dimensions153 x 220 x 127Hmm
    Standard AccessoryFlat cable (2m) x 1
    (*1)Point = Total measurement time / Interval. The 360th point figure is to updated when it exceed 360 points.
    (*2)The recommended cable is KRS-433XF07K made by SANWA SUPPLY and the recommended rollpaper printer is BL2-58NBJC made by SANEI DENKI corporation.
    (*3)Some memory cannot be used with this unit even if it can be used with a personal computer.
    (*4)If it reaches the target value, a buzzer may not immediately ring depending on setting of interval.
    ●ODSensor-S is sold separately.
    Measurement MethodInfrared rays penetration light method (horizontal projection)
    Measurement Wavelength950nm
    ConnectionOne set (use attached 0.5m flat cable )
    Power SupplySupplied from ODBox-A (option)
    Standard AccessoryFlask pad large, small x each 1,Screw for installation (M4x15mm) x 6, Cable clip large x 2 + small x 4, Flat cable (0.5m) x 1
    (*)Large is for 300ml and small is for 100/200ml. The pad for 500ml is attached to clamp CF-0500.
    ●ODBox-A, Clamp is sold separately.


    Clamp | CF-0100
    Parts to fix Erlenmeyer flask by installing it on Universal shaking rack and angle rack
    ■Application Container:100ml Erlenmeyer flask ■:
    Clamp | CF-0200
    Parts to fix Erlenmeyer flask by installing it on Universal shaking rack and angle rack
    ■Application Container:200ml Erlenmeyer flask ■:
    Clamp | CF-0300
    Parts to fix Erlenmeyer flask by installing it on Universal shaking rack and angle rack
    ■Application Container:300ml Erlenmeyer flask ■Sta ...
    Clamp | CF-0500
    Parts to fix Erlenmeyer flask by installing it on Universal shaking rack and angle rack
    ■Application Container:500ml Erlenmeyer flask ■Sta ...
    Universal shaking platform | MT-2925
    It is suitable shaking rack to shake Erlenmeyer flask and centrifuge tube stably.
    ■Dimensions:290 x 250 x 23Hmm ■Weight:Approx. 0.9k ...
    Universal shaking platform | MT-4030
    It is suitable shaking rack to shake Erlenmeyer flask and centrifuge tube stably.
    ■Dimensions:400 x 300 x 23Hmm ■Weight:Approx.1.4Kg
    Flat cable(2m) | OD-CAV0200
    Connecting cable between ODBox and ODSensor
    ■: ■:
    Color cap & tag | OD-CAP0408
    Cable tag for identifying each sensor
    ■: ■: