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Program unit (PU-6)
    Program unit (PU-6)

    SKU: BNPU-6
    Program unit (PU-6)

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    Inquire for Pricing:Program unit (PU-6)

    Program unit PU-6

    It operates with combination of Bio Shakers  or Water bath Shaker. Enables temperature control and auto ON-OFF shaking. New replacement is PU-6N.

    For temperature and shaking programming
    Applicable product for program unit Light emitting BR-300LF
    Applicable product for program unit
    Applicable product for program unit


    Temperature/ shaking programming for Bio Shaker BR-300 series.
    Temperature/ shaking programming for Cool Bath Shaker ML-10F.
    Temperature programming for Chillers CL series.


    PU-6 can shake ON-OFF by time signal
    PU-6 has time signal function in addition to temperature control function and can regulate ON-OFF of shaking. For example, when combine with shaking water bath Cool Bath Shaker ML-10F enables application in which working efficiency of Ames test is improved (Applying this product to the machine needs remodeling with extra charge).


    Pattern memory (Temperature programming)2
    Segment memory (Temperature programming)8segment/ pattern
    Maximum segment (Temperature programming)16
    Connecting pattern (Temperature programming)2
    Pattern memory (Time signal)1
    Memory number (Time signal)ON-OFF x 2 each
    Repeat (Temperature programming)1 - 999 or ∞
    Setting time range (Temperature programming)0 - 99hr. 59min
    Function (Temperature programming)Wait zone, hold, step
    Output (Temperature programming)DC 0 - 5V
    Setting time range (Time signal)0 - 99hr. 59min
    Output (Time signal)AC100V max.15A (resistance load)
    Dimensions223 x 181 x 159Hmm
    Standard AccessoryPt temperature sensor x 1, connecting cable x 1