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Spring net Multipurpose shaking rack platform
    Spring net Multipurpose shaking rack platform

    SKU: MR-4030
    Spring net Multipurpose shaking rack platform

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    Inquire for Pricing:Spring net Multipurpose shaking rack platform


    Spring net shaking platform 

    Multipurpose shaking rack for various kinds of container's shape


    Easy installing any type of container. If needed, it is possible to adjus the height of the spring net. For 3L Erlenmeyer flask or 500ml shaking flask, please using Universal shaking rack.


    Spring Net Pitch20mm
    Spring Net Row2 (height adjustable)
    Dimensions400 x 300 x 108Hmm
    WeightApprox. 3.3Kg
    Applicable Container / Number∅16mm test tube (*) x 96 (when tilted at 45º)
    50ml disposable centrifuge tube x 48 (when tilted at 45º)
    50ml Erlenmeyer flask x 24
    100ml Erlenmeyer flask x 20
    200ml Erlenmeyer flask x 12
    250ml Erlenmeyer flask x 9
    300ml Erlenmeyer flask x 9
    500ml Erlenmeyer flask x 6
    1L Erlenmeyer flask x 3
    2L Erlenmeyer flask x 2
    3L Erlenmeyer flask x 1(cannot use in BR-40LF)
    500ml Shaking flask x 6
    (*) When using test tube smaller than 16mm, please insert the tube in rack and set inside the net with rack.