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Bench Top Incubator Shaker DWmax(VBR-104)
    Bench Top Incubator Shaker DWmax(VBR-104)
    Purchase Bench Top Incubator Shaker DWmax(VBR-104)
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      Bench Top Incubator Shaker DWmax(VBR-104)

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    DWMax VBR-104

    Our proprietary technology "NewMax drive" enables excellent aeration effectiveness Max. 500r/min. Optimum for bacteriophage culture and small-scale cultivation.

    VBR-104 with Spring net shaking platform MR-2420 (Option)

    VBR-104 with Spring net shaking platform MR-2420 (Option)


    Cultivation of Bacteriophage
    Cultivation of Microbes such as E.coli
    Solubility test for Refractory


    Our proprietary technology “NewMax drive” enables a great stirring effectiveness and preventing wobbling.

    The shaker generates synergistically the wobble by its vibration and the wobbling of platform by inertia. The wobble sometimes spoils the effectiveness of shaking and stirring. NewMax drive realizes the shaker less wobbled. For example, we obtained the effectiveness dramatically the variation between wells in the cultivation using deep wells improved.
    Easy to detach the platform. Plenty variations.
    Comes with Stick sheet. Spring net shaking platform, Universal shaking platform and others are available as an option.


    Temperature range (*1)8℃ above RT (*2) to 60℃
    Temp. control accuracy (*3)±0.5℃ to ±1.0℃
    Shaking motionOrbital shaking
    Speed range50 to 500r/min
    Platform size240 x 220mm (Max. inside height: 168mm)
    Ambient temp. range5℃ to 30℃
    Heating methodHeater 80W
    Safety devices/functionsFuse, Self-diagnosis function for temp. control error, Braking when hood open, Motor overload/Over-voltage protection
    Dimensions (W x D x H)375 x 445 x 260mm
    Maximum load1kg (Platform included)
    WeightApporx. 20kg
    Power supplyAC100 to 240V/2A
    Standard accessories1 x Stick sheet
    (*1)It may not reach the maximum temperature by the surroundings.
    (*2)RT (Room temperature) has been set 25℃ as the standard.
    (*3)The value at the ambient temperature 25℃.



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