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Bench Top Incubator Shaker DWmax(MBR-032P) (MBR-022UP Replacement)
    Bench Top Incubator Shaker DWmax(MBR-032P) (MBR-022UP Replacement)
    Purchase Bench Top Incubator Shaker DWmax(MBR-032P) (MBR-022UP Replacement)
    • SKU: BNMBR-032P
      Bench Top Incubator Shaker DWmax(MBR-032P) (MBR-022UP Replacement)

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    DWMax MBR-032P

    Agitation and cooling/heating of well plates and microtubes. The “NewMax drive” enables high culturing efficiency through uniform agitation.

    Image of using two 96-well deep well plates

    Image of using four 1.5mL microtube racks (option)


    Mixing of 96 well plates, deep well plates, micro tubes
    Small-scale culturing of yeast and Escherichia coli
    ELISA, antibody-antigen reaction, and phage display
    Enzyme reaction (e.g., restriction enzyme, digestive enzyme)
    Derivation as a pre-processing method for metabolome analysis (GC-MS)


    What is “NewMax drive”? Offering stable, uniform shaking results: 

    Incubator Shakers are subject to random, unforeseeable moves synergistically caused by vibrations from within and from the horizontal and vertical path displacement of the shaking table (container platform). These unwanted factors can reduce the basic shaking effect of the machine.
    TAITEC’s newly adopted “NewMax drive,” based on TAITEC’s proprietary technology, offers consistent, uniform shaking results.
    Suitable for small-scale culturing of yeast and E.coli
    The sufficient aeration effect obtained from the “NewMax drive” produces excellent culturing efficiency—even with deep well plates generally considered unsuitable for culturing.
    [S. cerevisiae culturing]

    Strain: S. cerevisiae S288C
    Medium: YPD
    Temperature: +30°C
    Uniform culturing results were obtained from the central and peripheral parts of the different wells.

    [ E.coli culturing]

    OD600 compared after 4 hours of E.coli culturing on 96-well deep well plates.
    The time taken to reach OD600 of 1.0 has been significantly shortened!
    (In comparison with our existing products)

    Compliance with validation requirements (IQ/OQ)
    Drug manufacturers are required to validate the devices they use as part of GLP/GMP requirements. The DWMax Series is designed to deal with such IQ/OQ needs.
    Energy-efficient and extremely silent
    Highly energy-efficient, the DWMax Series is designed to meet the energy-saving needs of laboratories seeking to cut the power consumption of each device used. In addition, TAITEC’s sound-reducing technology lessens noise emissions in a laboratory environment.


    Temperature Range
    +15°C to +60°C (*1)

    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.5°C to +1.0°C (*2)
    Applicable Container / Numberwell plates x 2 or microtube racks (option) x 2
    Shaking MethodHorizontal eccentric vibration
    Shaking Speed200 - 1600rpm
    Surroundings temperature+5°C to +30°C
    Display (Temp. and speed)Digital, up-down setting
    Heating-Cooling SystemPeltier element
    Memory functionSingle setting for both temperature and velocity
    Safety device / functionFuse, high temperature, temperature control error,motor overload protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, door opening check
    Dimensions365 x 400 x 230Hmm
    WeightApprox. 15kg
    Power SupplyAC100V, 1.5A
    (*1) The inside temperature limit is RT (room temperature) -7℃ (for cooling) and +33℃ (for heating).
    (*2) Value at surroundings temperature +25°C.
    ●The MBR-032P is designed to conform to 96-well well plates. For this reason, different well sizes, such as 24-well and 384-well plates, may produce different shaking results.
    ●Shaking racks are optional



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