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    SKU: MBR-420FL

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    Inquire for Pricing:INCUBATOR SHAKER(MBR-420FL)

    Maximizer MBR-420FL

    Larger capacity incubator shaker, optimum for 96-wells. Equipped with reverse mode, and the temperature could be adjusted even at low temperature.

    Image of using deepwell shaking rack (option)


    Incubating E. Coli and yeast in deep well
    ELISA and panning phage display
    Experiments of digestion of enzyme from mouse tail and dissolving test of hardly soluble materials


    Huge capacity enables temperature adjustment from +4 ºC.
    Maximizer has freezer system within its large body. It can control temperature +4℃ – +70℃.
    Work effectively by original system and mixing speed at 200 – 1500 rpm.
    Strongly mix micro plate / deep well plate. When incubating E.Coli and yeast by shaking, the same cell growth as with Erlenmeyer’s flask can be obtained in those vials which are not originally suitable for incubation.
    Maximum 24 micro plates or 12 deep wells
    Shaking rack (optional accessory) can be installed up to 4 levels for micro plate (6 plates per level) and 2 levels for deep wells (6 pates per level).
    Deep well plates --> 6 plates can be placed on each platform. 2 sets of platform can be attached inside of the unit. 
    Microplates  --> 6 plates can be placed on each platform. 4 sets of platform can be attached inside of the unit. 
    Equipped with reverse shaking mode (available below 1000 rpm)
    Turning ON this reverse shaking function can turn rotation direction at any timing. Though maximum speed at reverse mode is 1000rpm, this function increase efficiency of shaking and helps dissolving hardly soluble materials.


    Temperature Range+4 ºC - +70ºC
    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.3 ºC - 1.0 ºC(*1)
    Shaking MethodHorizontal eccentric vibration (with reverse mode)
    Shaking Speed200 - 1500rpm (up to 1000 rpm for reverse mode)
    Applicable Container / NumberDeep well: max 12
    Micro plate: max 24(*2)
    Surroundings temperature+5 ºC - +35ºC
    Reverse Shaking FunctionON/OFF, reversing time and speed can be adjusted
    Heating Systemheater (800W)
    Coolingfreezer (170W)
    Display (Temp. and speed)digital display
    Programming Function4 pattern, 9 segment, temperature·shaking speed time (for each segment)
    [time setting range: 00h00min - 99h59min], "Wait" function (*3)
    Dimensions600 x 732 x 643Hmm
    Power SupplyAC100V·12A
    (*1) Does not include temperature change right after defrost function turn on.
    (*2) Depends on number of shaking rack (option; see the list below)
    (*3) "Wait" function is start shaking after reaching the desired temperature.
    ●Shaking rack is optional accessory.



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