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e-ThermoBucket(Water & Block) WTB(+4ºC - +70ºC
    e-ThermoBucket(Water & Block) WTB(+4ºC - +70ºC
    Purchase e-ThermoBucket(Water & Block) WTB(+4ºC - +70ºC
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      e-ThermoBucket(Water & Block) WTB(+4ºC - +70ºC

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    e-ThermoBucket WTB

    Optional use as a water bath or with block iserts, High temperature accuracy.  

    Image of using water bath

    Image of using two hetero blocks for e-Bucket series

    Image of using two miracle beads bath for e-Bucket series

    Image of using two deep blocks for dry thermo unit DTU-1/2 series


    Incubate and cool sample
    Various enzyme reaction
    Serum inactivations
    E. coli heat shock
    Water bath for temperature control of quality test


    +4ºC – +70ºC, ±0.1 – 0.2ºC, high quality water bath

    Inside of the large bath is teflon-coated and away from dirt. It can be used as water bath by pouring water in it. A stirrer is installed in the bath. The temperature accuracy is ±0.1ºC at +37ºC  (all range is – ±0.2ºC).  To be make to use the most of its features as water bath option with low temperature setting.
    Energy saving & Non Freon by Peltier device. No need of anti-freeze solution even at +4ºC.
    Reduced power consumption by our cultivated technology of peltier device. (Comparison with needed electric power to reach set temperature while cooling.
    It becomes more energy saving after reached set temperature.) This unit can use water instead of non-freeze solution to prevent the heat exchange part from freezing when the freezer type water bath is used at +7℃ or below.
    ”Dry Bath” with optional blocks and miracle beads.
    The hetero blocks, dual side blocks, miracle beads bath for e-Bucket series and deep blocks for DTU-1/2 series can be used. Each 2 pcs can be installed. Blocks are recommended to use for the test avoid water or when it bothers you to add water repeatedly.
    Easy operation

    It alarms you when reaching the set value. You can recall the registered temperature by pressing memory button. It can stir by the stirrer inside the bath when used as water bath. (adjustable stirring see operation manual)


    Temperature Range+4ºC - +70ºC
    Temp. Control AccuracyWithin ±0.1ºC - 0.2ºC (* ±0.1ºC at 37ºC both block and water bath)
    Temperature settingUP/DOWN key, memory temperature set is possible.
    Heating-Cooling SystemBy peltier device
    ShakingStirrer bar (changeable speed/off at block mode)
    Temperature DisplayDigital display
    Safety device / functionBuilt-in glass fuse, Overheat protection safety device, Overcurrent protection safety device
    Dimensions240x370x216Hmm (not included cover)
    Bath capacityApprox. 3L ( 70% volume, inside dimension of bath 190x230x90Hmm)
    Power SupplyAC100V, Up to 4A
    · This picture is a prototype and is subject to change from a final product.
    · The detailed specifications are subject to change.
    · The containers, tube stands and floaters in picture are not included.
    · beads and block is sold separately



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