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e-->Bucket, ETB (+3°C to +70°C)
    e-->Bucket, ETB (+3°C to +70°C)
    Purchase e-->Bucket, ETB (+3°C to +70°C)
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      e-->Bucket, ETB (+3°C to +70°C)

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    e-ThermoBucket ETB

    Environment friendly non-Freon. Other than miracle beads and block, water is OK to use when using shaking unit!!

    Constant temperature bucket


    Hot and cold insulation of sample and reagent
    Various enzyme reaction
    Inactivation of serum
    Heat shock of E. Coli


    Benchtop space area is as small as B5 size

    Environmental friendly heating and cooling by Peltier device

    Heating and cooling by Peltier device. Not using Freon gas.

    Miracle beads, aluminum block and water can be used depending on purpose and container type.

    You can choose “miracle beads”, “hetero block” or “dual side block” depending on container. With optional shaking unit, you can use water as awell.


    Temperature Range+3ºC - +70ºC (*1) (*2) (*3)
    Temp. Control AccuracyWithin ±1ºC
    Standard Attachment BathHetero block
    Temperature DisplayDigital display
    Heating-Cooling SystemHeating and cooling by Peltier device
    Other FunctionsPower switch (becomes waiting state)
    Safety device / functionFuse, overheat protection cutout
    Dimensions170 x 240 x 220Hmm
    WeightBody 2.2kg + hetero block 1.2kg
    Power SupplyAC100V 1A
    Exchangeable Separately Sold BathDual side block, miracle beads bath
    (*1) When environment is over +30ºC or below +5ºC, sometimes specifications doesn't meet.
    (*2) EHB and ETB cannot be used over +50ºC when loading miracle beads bath. When environment is cool (below +20ºC), sometimes specifications doesn't meet.
    (*3) Upper limit of temperature is +50ºC for EHB and +55ºC for ETB when using as water bath (when environmental temperature is +5ºC - +30ºC). Using as a water bath is allowed only when loading shaking unit (option).



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