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eB-Shaker Unit(30 - 150 rpm)
    eB-Shaker Unit(30 - 150 rpm)
    Purchase eB-Shaker Unit(30 - 150 rpm)
      eB-Shaker Unit(30 - 150 rpm)

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    Make e-Bucket series into constant temperature shaker. Reciprocal shake of test tubes with spring net. Compatible with the following e-Bucket Series: EIB, ECB, EHB, ETB(*1)

    Image of installation to ETB (option)


    Shaking of small container at constant temperature
    Naturalization of E. Coli after transformation
    Enzyme reaction and so on


    Grade up e-Bucket series into constant temperature shaker
    Pouring water to attached aluminum tray and apply this product to each e-Bucket series machine makes them as shaking bath.
    Shaking rack is spring net

    It is spring pitch suit to small container. Shaker height can be adjusted at 5 positions about 1cm apart each other (fixed by screw).
    Service outlet on back
    Power of e-Bucket can be supplied from back of this product and cable can be gathering up to 1. Powering off the switch of this product doesn’t power off e-Bucket.
    Can be assembled to polyC water bath

    By using optional polyC attachment (PCA-01), it can be assembled into polyC water bath (sold individually) attached to thermominder series.


    ModeleB-Shaker Unit
    Applicable typeEIB, ECB, EHB, ETB(*1)
    Shaking MethodReciprocal shake
    Shaking Speed30 - 150rpm
    Surroundings temperature+5ºC - +35ºC
    *At +5ºC, sometimes shaking speed doesn’t reach to maximum.
    Platform Size85 x 115 x 20Hmm
    Other FunctionsService outlet x 1 (up to 14A)
    Loading Limit0.5kg (include spring net)
    Dimensions150 x 120 x 190Hmm
    Power SupplyAC100V 0.5A(*2)
    Standard AccessoryAluminum tray
    Shaking rackSpring net shaking rack (attached)
    (*1) Cannot use on EFB.
    (*2) Increase depending on usage of service outlet
    ●This product can be used only when e-Bucket series is used as water bath.
    ●The cover of e-Bucket cannot be closed with this product assembled.


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