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Air Bath Shaker(BR-180LF)
    Air Bath Shaker(BR-180LF)

    SKU: BNBR-180LF
    Air Bath Shaker(BR-180LF)

    Inquire for Pricing
    Inquire for Pricing:Air Bath Shaker(BR-180LF)

    Bioshaker BR-180LF

    Large size constant temperature incubator shaker. Split doors enables easier access for larger containers. Movable with wheels.


    Incubating microorganism such as E. Coli
    Incubating yeast and insect cells


    MAX.400rpm rotating shake is operative
    High speed rotating shake at 400rpm is supported in spite of its large size. Up to 250rpm for reciprocal shaking is available.
    Equipped with wheels and adjusters.
    This incubator shaker is easy to move with wheels as standard accessory. Once installing location is determined, Set up the machine and adjust with an adjuster tool.
    Split “Clamshell door”

    Clam shell door
    This door opens up widely (clam shape) and enables easier access together with its drawer type Shaking rack. Top and bottom door can move independently.
    Sliding retractable control panel
    Control panel is retractable; saving space and user friendly.


    Temperature Range+4ºC - +70ºC
    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.3ºC - 1.0ºC(*1)
    Shaking MethodSwitch rotating / reciprocal
    Shaking Speedreciprocal: 25 - 250rpm
    rotating (amplitude 50mm): 25 - 250rpm
    rotating (amplitude 25mm): 25 - 400rpm (*2)
    AmplitudeSwitch 25/50mm (*3)
    Dimensions of stand700 x 500mm (chamber height: 420mm)
    Door StyleClamshell door
    Loading Limitapprox.10kg (exclude Shaking rack)
    Surroundings temperature+5ºC - +35ºC
    Heating SystemHeater (700W)
    CoolingFreezer (130W)
    Display (Temp. and speed)Digital display
    Programming Function1 pattern, 9 segment / temperature shaking speed time (for each segment) [time setting range: 00h00min - 99h59min], temperature gradient function(*4)
    Safety device / functionShort/over current breaker, high temperature cutout switch, freezer high temperature cutting circuit, current limiter, overload protection, overcurrent protection, fuse, temperature error sensor, nonvolatile memory error, alarm for sample temperature protection (optional), door opening check, brake function on detection of motor overdrive (detection of abnormal pulse)
    Dimensions1110 x 716 x 990Hmm
    Power SupplyAC 220to240V 12A
    Standard AccessoryUniversal shaking rack (MT-7050, clamp is option.) x 1, drain tray x 1
    (*1) Not include temperature change right after defrost function turned on.
    (*2) There are some restrictions for installing place. Please ask for details.
    (*3) 25mm on factory shipment. If you want to change, please ask.
    (*4) Wait function is start shaking after reaching the desired temperature.
    ●Since this machine is large and heavy, we will charge for deliver and install.



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