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    SKU: BNBR-300LF-Double

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    Inquire for Pricing:BIOSHAKER-Double(BR-300LF)

    Bioshaker Double platform BR-300LF

    Large size constant temperature incubator shaker with variable shaking amplitude. Two shelves platform, doubles capacity without losing lab floor space.


    Incubating microorganism such as E. Coli
    Incubating yeast and insect cells
    Incubating of other microorganism


    Making BR-300 platform two stage doubles capacity
    Capacity is doubled without changing machine or platform area (Since shaking flasks are tall, flasks larger than 1L cannot be installed both of two stage simultaneously). 
    Switch shaking between reciprocal and orbital, amplitude is variable
    As well as other BR series, shaking can be easily switched between reciprocal and orbital. In both shaking, speed can be up to 160 rpm. Amplitude is continuously variable between 10~50mm.
    Temperature and shaking can be remote controlled by program unit (sold separately)

    Terminal post for remote temperature control
    Connecting optional accessories like PU-5N  can remotly  program and control temperature. PU-6N in addition to temprature can control shaking as well.
    Platform is drawer type, many variations

    Platform can be draw out just by  turning the lever up.
    This machine has drawer platform which is easy to exchange. This enables changing container holder without any difficulty. Platform holding clamp is attached (Clamp sold separately), and spring net shaking rack is also available.


    ModelDouble platform BR-300LF
    Temperature Range+4ºC - +70ºC
    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.3ºC - 1.0ºC (*1)
    Shaking MethodSwitch orbital / Reciprocal
    Shaking Speed25 - 160rpm
    Amplitude10 - 50mm(continuous)
    Dimensions of stand600 x 400mm (chamber height: 575mm) (*2)
    Loading Limitapprox. 10kg for each stage (exclude Shaking Rack)
    Surroundings temperature+5ºC - +35ºC
    Display (Temp. and speed)digital display (Switch between setting temperature / inside chamber temperature)
    Heating-Cooling SystemHeater (700W), Freezer (140W)
    Other FunctionsIntegrate shaking timer (0.1 - 999.9h, Auto-reset function), remote temperature setting (need optional program unit), inside illumination
    Safety device / functionShort/over current breaker, freezer high temperature cutting circuit, detection of sensor error, display of difference from setting (upper and lower limit), display of self-detection of sensor error
    Dimensions1110 x 685 x 1120Hmm
    Weightapprox. 220kg
    Power SupplyAC100V 13A
    Standard AccessoryUniversal shaking rack (MT-6040E, clamp sold separately) x 2, vibration absorption pad x 4, plastic bottle for drain (with hose) x 1, hexagon wrench x 1, spacer x 4 (*3)
    (*1) Not include temperature change right after defrost function (electromagnetic valve switch) turned on.
    (*2) Chamber height is total height. For two stage platform, capacity of lower stage may vary depend on a position of upper stage.
    (*3) Comes with wheels on shipment though they are just for carrying and not attached parts.


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