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    SKU: BR23-UM-MR

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    Inquire for Pricing:BIOSHAKER(BR23-UM-MR)

    Bioshaker BR-23UM-MR

    Space-saving Incubator Shaker. The cooling system are equipped with environmental friendly Peltier device. Temrature ranging 5°C to 70°C with shaking speed (20 - 300 rpm). Shaking type both: rotating / reciprocal.


    Incubating E. Coli


    Stackable up to 2 levels

    Stacking installation up to 2 levels is possible by using optional stackable base. Height of the stack is only about 109cm (Type UM cannot be lower level).

    Very low noise and low vibration even at 300 rpm
    Demonstrate amazingly low vibration and very silent even at 300rpm shaking. (Please use below 200 rpm when putting upper stack level.)
    Shaking rack is removable and has many variation
    Spring net shaking rack is attached and optional such as universal shaking rack are available.
    Up hood for seeing inside clearly

    Type UM for middle temperature has clear plastic up hood.

    Sliding retractable control panel
    Control panel is retractable; saving space and user friendly.


    Temperature RangeRT+5ºC - +70ºC (Middle temperature)
    Shaking MethodSwitch rotating / reciprocal
    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.2ºC - 0.4ºC (*1)
    Shaking Speed20 - 300rpm (Upper stack should be used below 200rpm)
    Dimensions of stand290 x 250mm (inside height: 315mm)
    Loading Limitapprox. 3.5kg (include shaking rack and container holder)
    Door StyleUphood
    Surroundings temperature+5ºC - +35ºC
    Heating SystemHeater (350W)
    Display (Temp. and speed)digital display
    Programming Function1 pattern, 9 segment, temperature shaking speed time (for each segment)
    [time setting range: 00h00min - 99h59min], temperature gradient function (*2)
    Safety device / functionShort/over current breaker, fuse (built in), high temperature, sample protection high-low temperature alarm (optional setting), door opening check, diagnostic function for sensor error, limiter for motor current
    Dimensions422 x 550 x 540Hmm
    Weightapprox. 43kg
    Power SupplyAC100V 5A(*3)
    Standard AccessorySpring net shaking rack (MR-2925) x 1, drain nozzle x 1, drain hose x 1
    (*1) When room temperature is +25ºC. According to surroundings, temperature control does not work accurately.
    (*2) Temperature gradient is a function to set duration of temperature change.
    (*3) Allowable voltage fluctuation is ±5% for AC100V.



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