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    SKU: BR-53FP

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    Inquire for Pricing:BIOSHAKER(BR-53FP)

    Bioshaker BR-53FP

    Peltier cooling device with CFC-free. Temperature range ensures 15℃ to 55℃. Reducing power consumption by 80% vs. the other units.

    Spring net shaking rack is included.

    BR-53FP with a universal platform MT-4430 and Inner rack RSB-5032(option)


    Cultivation of microbes such as Yeast, Insect cell, E.Coli. etc.
    Cultivation of Protein expression vector for E.coli.
    Food testing system and inspection for QC.


    Peltier cooling with CFC-free.
    Cut power consumption by 80% compared with the conventional one (100r/min at 37℃). Energy saving with 7A. CFC-free relieves you from the gas leakage and the procedures for disposal.

    Detachable shaking platform. Wide variation available.
    Comes with Spring net shaking platform. Others such as Universal shaking platforms available as an option.
    Stackable to two levels.Open rightward and leftward “Double hinged door”

    Different temperature can be set respectively upper unit and lower unit for instance, which contribute a space saving.
    Open rightward and leftward “Double hinged door” without caring about a place of installation.
    The front panel in black has improved the high-visibility on the display. The temp. range 5℃
    The temp. range 5℃ to 55℃ works well for general cultivation. The program function enables to correspond to the various protocols such as the temp. range can be changed to another one after shaking. Temp. control is stable thanks to Peltier cooling.


    Temperature range (*1)15℃ to 55℃
    Shaking motionSwitchable Reciprocal/Orbital shaking
    Temp. control accuracy±0.3℃
    Speed range/Shaking width20 to 300r/min (200r/min at the upper of stacked units ) / 25mm
    CapacityUniversal shaking platform MT-4430: Erlenmeyer flask 500mLx8 pcs
    Universal shaking platform MT-4030: Erlenmeyer flask 500mLx6 or 5L x 1
    Door typeDouble hinged door (Rightward/Leftward open)
    Maximum loadApprox. 7 kg (Platform included)
    Ambient temp. range (*2)5℃ to 30℃
    Heateing methodPeltier element
    Program functions1 program, 9 segments: Temp., Shaking speed and time/per segment (Setting range: 00h00min to 99h59min), Temp. gradient function (*3)
    Safety devices/functionsLeakage/Overcurrent breaker, Fuse, Alarm of abnormal sample temp. (Set as desired), Detecting the door opening and closing,
    Self-diagnosis function for sensor error, Motor current limiter
    Dimensions (W x D x H)/Weight600 x 686 x 643mm, Approx. 86 kg (Platform included)
    Power supplyAC100V to 240V/7A
    Standard accessories1 x Power cable, 1 x Spring net shaking platform (MR-4030)
    (*1) The value at 25℃ of the rear surface intake temp.
    (*2) Dew condensation.
    (*3)The transfer time of temperature can be set up.


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