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Incubator Shaker BIOSHAKER(BR-40LF)
    Incubator Shaker BIOSHAKER(BR-40LF)

    SKU: BNBR-40LF
    Incubator Shaker BIOSHAKER(BR-40LF)

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    Inquire for Pricing:Incubator Shaker BIOSHAKER(BR-40LF)

    Bioshaker BR-40LF

    Medium size constant temperature incubator shaker. Space saving, stackable.


    Incubating microorganism such as E. Coli
    Incubating yeast and insect cells, psychrotroph


    See through Up hood for seeing inside clearly
    BR-40LF has clear plastic up hood for visibility and handling larger container.
    Automatic transition to storage temperature by timer
    BR-40LF has timer, which enables automatic temperature transition to desired temperature such as +4ºC.
    Shaking rack is removable and has many variation
    Spring net shaking rack is attached as optional accessories, such as universal shaking rack.
    Stackable up to 2 levels

    Stacking installation up to 2 levels is possible by using optional stackable base. Gaining capacity comparable to large size machine without occupying space by stacking (BR-40LF cannot be lower level).


    Temperature Range+4ºC - +70ºC (Low - middle temperature)
    Shaking MethodSwitch rotating / reciprocal
    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.3ºC - 1.0ºC (*1)
    Shaking Speed20 - 200rmp
    Amplitude10 - 40mm(variable)
    Dimensions of stand400 x 300mm (chamber dimensions: 340mm)
    Loading Limitapprox.7kg (include shaking rack and container holder)
    Door StyleUphood
    Surroundings temperature+5ºC - +35ºC
    Heating SystemHeater (400W)
    CoolingFreezer (80W)
    Display (Temp. and speed)digital display
    Timertemperature transition + shaking OFF or temperature transition + shaking ON (Repeatable, cannot change speed or change temperature without shaking, e.g. +37ºC shaking →+4ºC stop shaking).
    Safety device / functionShort/over current breaker, fuse (built in), high temperature, sample protection high-low temperature alarm (optional setting), door opening check, diagnostic function for sensor error, limiter for motor current, high temperature cutting circuit
    Dimensions585 x 630 x 660Hmm
    Power Supply100V 9A(*2)
    Standard Accessorypower cable x 1, spring net shaking rack (MR-4030) x1, plastic bottle for drain(with hose) x 1
    (*1) When room temperature is +25ºC. Not include temperature change right after defrost function turned on.
    (*2) Allowable voltage fluctuation is ±5% for AC100V.



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