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Incubator Shaker BIOSHAKER(BR-43FH-MR)
    Incubator Shaker BIOSHAKER(BR-43FH-MR)

    SKU: BR-43FH-MR
    Incubator Shaker BIOSHAKER(BR-43FH-MR)

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    Inquire for Pricing:Incubator Shaker BIOSHAKER(BR-43FH-MR)

    Bioshaker BR-43FH-MR

    Medium size constant temperature incubator shaker. Left-right opening door type. Space saving and stackable.


    Incubating microorganism such as E. Coli
    Incubating thermophile


    “Dual swing door” open both right and left
    BR-41/42/43 series adopt dual swing door which is licensing agreement from SHARP (Co. Ltd.). It can be settled in a aisle without considering door opening direction.
    Automatic transition to storage temperature by programming function
    BR-41/42/43 series has programming function, which enables automatic temperature transition to desired temperature such as +4ºC.
    Shaking rack is removable and has many variation
    Spring net shaking rack is attached as optional accessory such as universal shaking rack.
    Stackable up to 2 levels

    Stacking installation up to 2 levels is possible by using optional stackable base. Gaining capacity comparable to large size machine without occupying space by stacking (BR-40LF cannot be lower level).
    Sliding retractable control panel
    Control panel is retractable; saving space and user friendly.


    Temperature RangeRT+5ºC - +100ºC (Middle - high temperature)
    Shaking MethodSwitch rotating / reciprocal
    Temp. Control Accuracy±0.3ºC - -1.0ºC (*1)
    Shaking Speed20 - 300rpm (Shake below 200rpm when reciprocal shaking on upper stack)
    Dimensions of stand400 x 300mm (chamber dimensions: 350mm)
    Loading Limitapprox.7kg (include shaking rack and container holder)
    Door StyleDual swing door
    Surroundings temperature+5ºC - +35ºC
    Heating SystemHeater (800W)
    Display (Temp. and speed)Digital display
    Programming Function1 pattern, 9 segment (for each segment) [time setting range: 00h00min - 99h59min], temperature gradient function (*2)
    Safety device / functionShort/over current breaker, fuse (built in), high temperature, sample protection high-low temperature alarm (optional setting), door opening check, diagnostic function for sensor error, limiter for motor current
    Dimensions600 x 732 x 643Hmm
    Power Supply100V 9A (*3)
    Standard Accessorypower cable x 1, spring net shaking rack (MR-4030) x 1
    (*1) When room temperature is +25ºC. Not include temperature change right after defrost function turned on.
    (*2) Temperature gradient is a function to set duration of temperature change.
    (*3) Allowable voltage fluctuation is ±5% for AC100V.



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